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The first thing that caught my eye when I entered Becca_luna’s room was that she was only 18. She was born on Jan. 2, 1998 and she speaks English and Spanish, and by her own words, she is still learning English. But don’t worry, she will understand what you want her to do perfectly.

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She has long legs and medium sized tits as well as a very pretty face. One thing I liked about her in particular is her skin. Even on the camera, you can see how clear and smooth her skin is. Makes you want to cum all over it and make her lick it up for you.

This girl, while still very young, knows what she is doing. Her full lips and really slim and tight body will make you want more and more of her. When she stands up you can see just how slim she is. But this is slim in a good way, you can just see that she works out a lot to be ready to please in any way possible.

And she is ready to please, let me tell you that!

becca_luna2The thing, which really impressed me about this girl, is that she is willing to pretty much do anything. She said so herself. I had to test to see how willing she really is.

I started her off slow. Made her take her clothes off and show me her tight little ass. I love it when a girl has a tight little ass. Makes me want to stick it in her ass really hard while I play with her pussy.

I made Becca play with her pussy a little. She let out those sweet little moans of pleasure while she clenched her fingers. I decided that I wanted to see how far she would go. She has many toys and she is not shy about using them.

She put the vibrator in her pussy and I could see that she could not contain herself anymore. Her moans gained in intensity and you could see her whole body shaking. She put a finger in her ass while she was stuffing that pretty tight little pussy of hers with a vibrator, and that gave me and idea. I told her to put a dildo, a particularly big one in her ass. She put some special cream in her ass and the dildo slid right in.

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I was amazed. She pushed the vibrator as deep as she could and started to pump that ass of hers. It was amazing. She was screaming the whole time but she never stopped. She just kept pushing that dildo in her ass harder and harder. At one point she used her feet to hold the dildo in her ass and played with the vibrator. In no time we could see her cumming.

It was one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. I would really love to explore the boundaries of this kinky girl again.


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